Thursday, December 24, 2009

No Vacancy

Christmas is tomorrow, but look what I found today!

No really...

No Vacancy is a showcase lot on the quiet end of the QV Square featuring diverse works in monthly intervals that go on for a fortnight each. I happen to pass it by on the last day of it's showcase on the "24 Page Book". There was no one around but seeing as it was Christmas Eve, I guess that's a given. Even the internet shop I worked at was only receiving 30% it's normal customer intake.

"No Vacancy Press is excited to announce our foray into publishing with two books put together lovingly by Charlie Lance and Ghostpatrol.

The books will be launched at an exhibition of the original works, collaborative pieces and selected prints from within their pages on the 17th of December at No Vacancy Gallery.

For the inaugural No Vacancy Press series of books, which is intended to facilitate the crossover between original work and collectable books, a simple “24 Page Book” format has been chosen to showcase two artists with a uniquely intrinsic narrative quality to their work.

Books are limited edition with special editions available for purchase only at the exhibition."
excerpt from website

The 24 page hardcover burst bound make very delicate collectors items, with one going for $35 and 2 for $60. The contents were beautiful illustrations, one containing poems. I love self-defining books like these.

All of them were pencil illustrations coupled with light watercolour on thick sketch paper.

Too bad there was only one large canvas art. But then again even the walls became their canvas. The man attending to the space was a little hungover, so he was glad there weren't many people coming in. He was checking his facebook :P

The gallery wasn't extensive, but there were open copies of the book on the benches to look at.

Click me for full view!

What really drew me into the space was the art graffitied on the wall opposite. It was amazing.

And had my favourite bird, the owl!


And why did I only pass it then? Well I was rummaging around in Laguna to find this Milk caramel a friend recommended to me to share with my cousins on Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I got a surprise this morning!

I spent the whole day gushing about Amanita Design when I saw the demo of the game at ACMI last week. Looks like someone remembered =D

Merry Christmas from a mad monkey... I got him a chocolate fish as present back.

Merry Christmas!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spoke too soon

So my 22nd birthday was a couple of days ago (yaay, I'm getting old), and as always (since it's one the same day every year) it seemed to be on an odd time. I still remember my 17th was on the first day of my final secondary school examination. Talk about heart-stopping present.

Moving on, my cousins really spoil me so. They gave me a really cute card;

.. that had a great caption

(Sorry, not enough light for camera phone)
But the funniest part is that reading that, I remembered we had tried that once already, ended up feeling odd or going home to eat proper food XD

Thanks so much cuzzies and nephews :)

Now comes the guilty part.
When I was given the card, I did not know what it was and through some hints deduced that it was for a bookshop. Unfortunately, I blurted (gotta love that word) out that I have yet to use a gift card given to me for the bookshop Borders (whoops, ditto on the gift).

Now I feel guilty I said that because this afternoon I had a real good look at what Borders had in stock... and came back with these three items (yes, I could steal 3 books from Borders. My cousins are too generous!);

I'm sorry I lied when I said I don't have much to get from Borders!!! D:

First up is Angie Sage's Septimus Heap (7th son of a 7th son) book 5!! And I thought she was all done in the last book when they met Hotep-Ra... and there's a spoiler for you. As you can see by the receipt sticking out of the book... I've already begun :D

Next up is this magazine I found on the mag shelf.... Have not heard of it but I did flip through it and looks like it's going to be an interesting and enlightening read. I hope.

Then there's Computer Arts.... To awesome for words. I didn't think I'd find it in Borders. What I think is one of the best design resources there is because it's so much more than tutorials :) I've always flipped through them but this is the first edition I personally own!
E-P-I-C, I will treasure it forever.

Not to forget the CD and exclusive 2010 calender that comes with it! *nerdy squeal*
Illustrator CS4 training...
Royalty-free textures...
Video tutorials...
Did I mention epic?

Thank you so much!!
Eeek don't spoil me!! :D



Tis the season for quick-drying clothes, cold deserts, flies and- OMG DOUBLE FLUSH THAT TOILET CAUSE THE SH*TS JUST GONNA FLOAT!!11!!!one!!11!

I'm so serious right now :D